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Al's Pals

Pin collecting and trading has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. I feel privileged to have communicated with thousands of friendly
people in many countries over the years. And, I am very grateful to many of you who have generously given me thousands of 
'gratis' pins which
I have added to my collection; used as traders, and, gifted to kids around the world in exchange for a smile!

A very big 'Thank You' goes to: -

-Susan Stribling- I met Susan for the first time at the Albertville 1992 Winter Olympics and at several Olympics thereafter. In August 2007, 
 sent me her entire personal Olympic pin collection...weighing 30 lbs. !!! Susan, I was delighted to put smiles on many kid's faces on your behalf at    
 Camp Oochigeas
http://www.ooch.org/ and in Beijing during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Now I ask you...what's the chances of  meeting someone you 
 know at The Great Wall of China? Well, I heard this voice exclaim "Al" and it was Susan! A great wonder at one of the Wonders of the World!

-Marcia DeMinco& Lisa Miura-Thompson - Marcia has been my pin benefactor for many years during Xerox's Olympic sponsorship. She  
 responded immediately to my request for Olympic pins in September 2007 and Lisa couriered me two large boxes containing hundreds of pins! 
was followed up with five large 'storage box' pin shipments in 2008 and 2009. Marcia & Lisa, your generosity has made summer camp very 
 enjoyable for many kids at Camp Oochigeas 
http://www.ooch.org/ , and, let me thank you on behalf of the hundreds of kids in Beijing who smiled when 
 they received a Xerox pin! 

-Helen Wan. Just prior to the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics, Helen sent me several hundred Lenovo Torino 2006 Olympic pins for gifting to kids in 
 Torino. I did this with pleasure
during my Olympic visit http://www.alspins.com/Trading_pins_with_kids_for_smiles.htm. In October 2007, Helen 
 sent me a large package containing Lenovo Beijing 2008 Olympic pins as a gift to the kids at Camp Oochigeas
http://www.ooch.org/. A picture of 
 Camp Oochigeas kids holding up Lenovo pins can be seen in the
Preface of the Magic Graphic Olympic Products Handbook.  
 In August 2008, Helen very graciously hosted me together with my son, Fred, and brother, Brian, during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Totally gratis, 
 she provided us with first class accommodation and entertained us at several top notch restaurants for dinners and lunches including the world 
 famous Peking Duck restaurant Quanjude established in 1864! Helen also made her English speaking staff available to us round the clock and they 
 looked after our every need including pickup and drop off at Beijing International Airport, and, tours of Beijing etc. Helen gifted many of the pins 
 Magic Graphic produced to me for my collection and for trading and also gave us Olympic event tickets for our enjoyment.

 Helen's contributions and those of all her Magic Graphic staff was stellar! It will be virtually impossible for me to repay her for her outstanding,   
 legendary Chinese hospitality. Helen, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply indebted to you...forever!

-Geri McCuish. I met Geri for the first time in Italy where she gave me several hundred Hbc Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic promotional pins for 
 gifting to Italian kids and their families during the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. I did this with pleasure and put many smiles on little faces. 
 Following the Torino 2006 Olympics, Geri followed up with  her generosity and sent me hundreds more Hbc pins as a gift to Camp Oochigeas 

and other worthwhile causes in the Markham area. I met Geri for the second time in China during the Beijing 2008 Summer 
 Olympics and this time she gave me 4,000 Hbc Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic promotional pins for gifting to Chinese kids and their families. To 
 do this, I recruited my brother, son and a couple of Chinese speaking friends. Keeping in mind that pin collecting was unknown as a hobby to most 
 people we encountered in Beijing, our pin gift distributing efforts almost reached riot proportions! Regardless,  we were very pleased to be able 
 to make a lot of people happy at Beijing Expo, Chaoyang Park, The Place and on the street outside The Olympic Store in downtown Beijing.          
Norman Salik. I met Norman for the first time at the Albertville 1992 Winter Olympics; at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics; at the 
 Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympics and finally at the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics. Later, my family and I  caught up with Norman and wife Joan 
 in Arizona where they now live and since then we have become good family friends. Norman has added a significant number of Bausch & Lomb and 

  Ray-Ban pins to my collection including many 'Limited Edition' pins.

-Mark Stewart. I had the good fortune to meet Mark on the Web and we did many, many very satisfying pin trades. I met Mark in person in 
 Salt Lake City, during the 'One Year to Go' celebration and throughout the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Mark was extremely 
 helpful during the development of my website and hosted it on his personal server entirely gratis for five years. Mark, there's only one of you. 
 Thank you for being you!  

Finally, I am very grateful to my daughter, Faye, for designing and implementing my website. Faye, thank you for your professionalism 
and more important, your patience and love.

Special acknowledgement for their gifts, trades and friendship over a long period go out to:

April & Matt Abbott, Canada
Karen Adams, Canada
Keith Adams, Canada
Fahimeh Adibfar, Canada
Rich Adkisson, USA
Anna Afentouli, Greece
Bahram Afsharzadeh, Iran
David Aguilar, USA
Nicole Allan, Canada
Scott Allen, Canada
Toban Allison, Canada
Carolina Almasi, UK
Bret Almassy, USA
Linda Almeida, Canada
Terry & Mabel Almeida, Canada
Takis Aloupis, Greece
Chris Alvord, USA
Nicoletta Ambrogio, Italy
Gary Anderson, USA
Ethan Angelone, Canada

Rhonda Arbuckle, Canada
Marise Auffray, Canada
Craig Auster, USA
Doris Aybar, USA
Dr. Dennis Azuma, Canada
Germaine Arrizza, Canada
Harrison Bader, USA
Janice Baio, USA
Danielle Baker, USA
Ed Bakic, Australia
Dora Bakogianni, Greece
Samuel Bala, Australia
Maryann Balbo, USA
Massimo Ballola, Switzerland
Rad & Michelle Baloun, USA
Bill Baltz, USA
Peter Bambridge, Canada
Sara Barakat, USA
Andy Barcellona, USA
Sonja Bargetze, Liechtenstein
Kea Barker, Canada

Chrissie Barnes, Australia
Sally Barnes, USA
Shelley Barnes, Australia

Andy Barrie, Canada
Joan Barrington, Australia
Mike "Casey" Basalo, USA
Stephane Batard, France
Alan Bates, Australia
Byron Bates, Australia
Nancie Battaglia, USA
Janet Battle, Canada
Wade Bayne, Canada
Rob Beath, Australia
Pierre Beaudoin, Canada
Eddie Beaupre, USA
Nancy Beavan, Canada
Krista BeBeau, Canada
James Beckford, UK
Ole Belboe, Norway
Sandra Bell, Canada
Jennefer Belli, Canada 
Becky Belnap, USA
John Belo, Canada
James Belton, USA
Michel Benamou, France
Adam Benigni, USA
Daniel Beniston, Australia
Ty Benoit, Canada
Mark Bensley, Australia
Lee Bentley, Canada
Larry Berg, Canada
Marc Beoutis, Australia
Steve Berke, USA
Sheila Bernardi, Canada
Virna Bertelli, Italy
Maria Beskou, Greece
Larry Betsinger, USA
Bruce Bevan, USA
Helen & Ed Biegel, USA
Don Bigsby, USA
Marc Binder, Germany
Jeff Bink, USA
Nancy Birdsley, USA
Val Bittichesu, Canada
Dennis Bjerrum-Mogensen, Denmark
Ine Katharina Bjølseth, Norway
David Blair, Australia
Doug Blakely, Canada
Sarah Blankenship, USA

Jeanette Blonski, Canada
Michael Blow, UK
Ned Blum, Canada
Alex Bocsi, Eire
Shaun Bodington, USA
Bob Boehm, USA
Nazima Boganee, Canada
Pauline Bohnec, Canada
Melissa Boland, Australia
Andree Bollin, Germany
Diane Bond, Canada
Jennifer Bonner, Canada
Justin Boswick, Canada
Therese Bounassif, Australia
Kim Boydell, Canada
Dr. Dory Boyer, Canada
Joanne & Darryl Braganza, Canada
Brendan Braid, Australia
Leonard Braun, USA
Alejandro Blanco Bravo, Spain
Jaroslav Brazda, Switzerland
Joan Brehl, Canada
Barbara Bridges, USA
Alex Britto, Canada
Ken Britto, Canada
Jean-Pierre Brochon, Canada
Charlie & Tricia Brock, USA
Virginia Brock, USA
Paige Brodie, Kale, Mason & Greer Brodie-Hall & Robert Hall, USA
Tom & Susie Brooke, USA
Bonnie Brooks, Canada
Garfield Brown, Canada
Gary Brown, Canada
Ken Brown, USA
Keshida Brown, USA
Sherry Brown, USA
Michele Browne, Canada
Patrick Brownlow, UK

Rudolph & Davida Brunovs, Australia
Martha Buchanan, Canada
Aileen Buecker, Australia
Brian Bunney, Canada
Susan Burdey, Canada
Carol Burgen, USA
Ron Burgers, USA 
Kelly Burgess-Bassin, USA
Diane Burnett, Canada
Doug Burnett, USA
Ian Burns, Australia
Jennifer Burns, USA
Elisabetta Bussu-Koch, Germany
Michelle Butler, Canada
Peter Byron, Australia
Antoni Papio Cabezas, Andorra
Jessica Callejas, Canada
Toni Calvert, Australia
Dave Cameron, Canada
Paul Cameron, Canada
Tracy Cameron, Canada
Phillip Campbell, Australia
Glenda Cann, Canada
Dorothy Cantrell, Canada
Laurie Caouette, USA
Deborah Capras, Germany
Andrea Caputo, Italy
Lisa Caputo, USA
Jean-Pierre Caravan, USA
Brian Carberry, USA
Rose Carlotto, USA
Randy & Debra Carlton, USA
Dale Carley, USA
Crissie Carpenter, USA
Brandy Carson, USA
Janet Carter, USA
John Cassaday, Canada
Rafael Y Ceasar Cesareo, Spain
Alannah Cervenko, Canada
Leslie Chaffin, USA
Lina Champagne, Canada
Celine Chan, Hong Kong
Anita Chandan, Canada
Jessica Chang, Canada
Ward Chapin, Canada
Beverley Charles, Australia
Jimmy Chau, China
Rocky Chen, USA
Tina Chen, Canada
Winston Chen, Canada
Jean Chenette, USA
Joe Cheng, China
Nora Cheong, USA
Jackson & Michelle Chercover, Canada
Lisa Cheskes, Canada
Mark Chestnut, USA
Tom Chestnut, USA
Louis Chiera, USA
Lisa Chow, Canada
Salanda Chow, Canada
Shelley Clark, Canada
Philip Clarke, UK
Leeann Clemens , Canada
Chelsea Clinton, USA
Suzanne Coles, Canada
Michelle Collens, Canada
Cathy & Brian Collins, Canada
Ramiro Coloma, Guatemala
Ann Colucci, Canada
Carolynn Colvin, Canada
Doreen Colvin, Canada
Jeanne Colvin, Canada
Tim Coons, Canada
Catherine Cornell, Canada
Christine Cosman, Canada
Ellie & Katie Couric, USA
Amy Cox, USA
Danny Cox, USA
Kelly, Alison & Danielle Coyle, USA
Matt Craig, Canada
Jessica Craven, Canada
Mary Creighton, Canada
Fabio Crespin, Canada
Jeff Cressman, Canada
Nathan Muir-Cressman
Lindsay Csabak, Canada
Kirsten Dahl, Norway
Paula & Avryl Daley, Australia
Dennis Dal Pra, USA
Liz Daly, Australia
Doug Daniell, Canada
Melanie D'Anjou, Canada
Cindy Daoust, Canada
Isabella Dara, Greece
Theresa Darmody, Canada
George Da Silva, Canada
Manuel A. V. da Silva, Portugal
Christa Dauerbaeck, Austria
Tom Davenport, USA
Loretta Davis, USA
Ellen & Tim Davis, USA
Russell Davis, USA
Robert Day, Australia
Fr. Michael (Ronnie) D'Cruz, Canada
Esmond, Christine & Michael D'Cunha, Canada
Rob Deal, USA
Jennifer Deamude, USA
Dan Dean, USA
David & Nancy Debney, Australia
Adrian DeGroot, USA
Jim Gloin, Canada
Nicole de Jager, Canada
Tony de Jager, Canada
Barbara De Jesus, Puerto Rico
Guy De Launey, UK
Al Dell'Aglio, USA
Terry DeMarco, USA
Jessie DeMaria, Canada
Marcia DeMinco, USA
JP de Moor, Canada
Greg Denaro, USA
Rachel Dennis, Australia
Jin DeSilva, USA
Sandra De Sousa, Canada
Colman & Rosemarie de Souza, Canada
Dicky & Maryanne de Souza, Canada 
Eden & Christine de Souza, Canada
Jackie DeSouza, Canada
Tony, Eleanor, Natasha & Cyrus DeSouza, Australia
Kathy Desson, Canada
John Devlin, Canada
Jeanette Devries, Canada
Swany Devries, Canada
Caroline & Graham Dewar, Canada
Kanupriya Dhoot, USA
Paola Di Aichelburg, Italy
Ed Dickson, Canada 
Terry Dillman, USA
Sarah Dillon, Canada
Aggeliki Dimou, Greece
Jim Dobrei, USA
Jo-Ann Dodds, Canada
Gail Donaldson, USA
Heather Donaldson, Canada
Patricia Doobay, Canada
Nataghia Dore, Canada
Ian Downend, Norway

Virginia Downes, Australia
Anthony Drexler, Greece
Mignon Drüke, Netherlands
Tom Duffy, USA
Mandy Dunlop, Canada
Tom Dunne, Canada
Manuela Dvorsky, Canada
Lauretta Eaton, Australia
Valerie Edelson, USA
Himani Ediriweera, Canada
Christian Eibl, Austria
Helen Eliascou, Greece
Joanne Ellerson, Canada
Sherry Elliot, Canada
Helene Elliott, USA

Martin Engelke, Germany
Megan Enns, Canada
Diane Erikson, Canada
John & Deborah Eros, USA
Venke Ertsås, Norway
Ray Erwin, USA
Bill Estroff, USA
Theresa Ettorre, Canada
George Evans, Canada
Judy Evans, Canada
Brett Everett, Canada
Trisha Ewans, Canada
John Faggiani, Canada
Brian & Jo Ann Falcao, Canada
Marg, Faye & Fred Falcao, Canada
Randolph Fairbairn, USA 
Jean Falquet, France
Steve & Susan Flowers, USA
Frøydis Frostmo Faraj, Norway
Odiel Farge, Canada
Miltos Farmakis, Greece
Dave, Branka, Elia & Brenna Farrar, Canada
Kalia Farrell, USA
Nathalie Faucher, Canada
Dale Fawcett, Canada
Lee Fawcett, Canada

NaKaela Feagin-Hooks, USA
Colleen Fee, Canada
Nippy Feldhake III, USA
Christos Ferentinos, Greece
Eddie Fernandes, UK
Geoff & Lucinda Fernandes, Canada
Erin Filey, Canada 
Ron Finnegan, Canada
Tamsin Finnigan, Canada
Nola Fitton, Australia

Kim Fitzgerald, Australia
Ross Fitz-Patrick, Canada
Colleen Fitzpatrick, USA
Nadia Flaim, Canada
May & Tessie Flanagan, Pakistan
Teresa Fleck, USA
Jeff Fleming, USA
Therese Fletcher, Australia
Steve & Susan Flowers, USA
Dr. Jim Flynn, USA

Ken Fockler, Canada
Larry & Gail Folliott, Canada

Michelle Ford, Australia
Jaclyn Forgette, Canada
Michael Fornasiero, USA

Deanna Forrest, USA
Teresa Forrest, Canada
Eranda Fortenot, USA
Kent Fossum, USA
Heather Foster, Australia
Janette Foster, Australia
Marvin Fox, USA
Sophia Fragodimitropoulou, Greece
Brad Frank, USA
Brenda Franks, Australia
Cathy, Simon, James & Holly Fraser, Australia
Kim & Scott Fraser, Canada
Robert French, UK
Marosh Furimsky, USA
Annie Gagnon, Canada
Paolo Gama, Brazil
Jing Gao, China
Roger Garden, Canada
Joerg & Barb Gardey, Canada
Frederic Garriga, Spain
Drew Gerrard, Canada
David Gillis, Canada
Aleia Gland, Canada
Jim Gloin, Canada
Hardeep Gosal, Canada
Madison Graie, Canada
Jason Graham, Canada
Jacob Gravina, Canada
Jonathan Gray, Canada
Anna Griffin, USA
Kim Griffiths, Hong Kong
Prince Albert Grimaldi, Monaco
Dr. Janet & Cynthia Grissom, USA
Gary Groenheim, UK
Jo Grue, Canada
Jiayi (Monica) Gu, China
Simone Guadagno, Switzerland
Caroline Guilbault, Canada
Rosemary Gullikson, USA
Ashley Gunn, USA
Hunter, Landon & Kelly Gurnee, USA
Ane-Lill Grythe, Norway
Lindsay Gulliver, Australia
Kate Haasnoot, Australia
Art, Laurie, Kristyn, Cameron & Kevin Hale, Canada
Evelyne Hall Adams, USA
Tom Hall, Canada
Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Canada
Ranu Hamilton, Canada
Ric Handren, Canada
Hideyo Harada, Japan
Carole Harbour, UK
Jason Harding, Canada
Patrick Harlow, Canada
Kathleen Harris, Canada
Susan Hartmann, USA
Norman Hatch, Australia
Jennifer Hawkes, Canada
Elfriede Hawliczek, Austria
Mike Hayakawa, Canada
Dave Hayley, Canada
Armi Heikkinen, Switzerland
Basil Heim, Switzerland
Harold & Marilyn Helsdon, Canada
Ron Henderson, USA

Gord Hendren, Canada
Michele Henry, Canada
Lisa Henson, Canada
Jean Herbert, USA
Les Herbert, Canada
Florence Hermant, Canada
Albert Hernandez, USA
Olisa Hestick, Canada
Beth Hickey, Canada
Tom Hickey, USA
Mike Hightower, USA
Erin& Byron Hildebrand, Canada
Tom Hill, UK
Kelvin Hilton, New Zealand
Sandra Hinds, Canada
Yumiko Hiraishi, Japan
John Hoffman, USA
Kay Hoffman, USA
Karen Holihan, USA
Laura Hollingsworth, USA

Don Hollis, USA
Lois Holloway, USA
Rick Holman, USA
Peter Holmberg, Sweden
Solveig Holst, Norway
Elizabeth Hooey, Canada

Kelly & Jane Hoover, USA
Ruth Horne, USA
Jenny Hornsberger (JenTilly Laced #58), Canada
Jim Houran, USA
Michael Howard, USA
Jonathan Hsiung, Canada
Dave Huang, China
Margaret Huber, Italy
Dan Hucko, USA
Nicole Hughes, Canada
Angela Hui, Canada
Sheila Hula, USA
James Hummel, Canada
Balbir Hundle, Canada
Jake Hunter, USA
James Hurst, USA
Claudine Cassella Hutchinson, USA
Charles Hutzler, China
Ferand Ibanez-Coll, Spain
Ioulia Ieromonahou, Greece
Claudia Imhasly, Switzerland
Lisa Ingram, Canada

Nelson Ingram, Canada
Christine Ings, Canada
Dr. David Innamorato, Canada
Jennifer Irwin, USA
Ryuichi Ishikawa, Japan
Sadie Ismay, Canada
Doug Ivester, USA
Akio Iwata, Japan
Aaron Jackson, Australia
Catherine Jackson, Canada
Diana Jackson, Australia
Josh Jackson, USA

Joycelyn Jackson, Canada
Rich Jackson, USA
Robert Jackson, Canada
Sarah Jackson-Han, USA

Patrick Jacob, USA
Hamy Jacobs, Canada
Mercy Jalandoni, Philippines
Timm Jamieson, USA
Kristina Janosik, Canada
Leila Jäntti, Finland
Melissa Janzen, Canada
Terrie Jarvis, Canada
Vikrant Jasrotia, USA
Dawn Jenkinson, Canada
Dr. Richard Jenkinson, Canada
Kris Jenner, USA
Craig Jennings, Canada
Jim Jennings, Canada
Libbie Jennings, Canada
Stephanie Jenzer, Canada
George Jobin, USA
Bianca Johansen , Norway
Lorraine Johanson, USA
Grethe Gynnild Johnsen, Norway
Amy Tipton Johnson, Canada
Christine Johnson, USA
Todd, Susan, Matthew & Hilary Johnson, USA
Ami Johnston, Canada
Dan Johnstone, Canada
Brian Jones, USA
Chuck Jones, USA
David Jones, Australia
Laurie Jones, Canada
Lou Jones, USA
Stan Jones, USA
Scott & Carrie Jostmeyer, USA
Mike Joyner, USA
Julius & Gladys Jozsa, Canada
Friedrich Kaiser, Austria
Petro Kacur, USA
Theologos Kalaitzis, Greeece
Janet Kalkbrenner, USA
Emmanouel Kallinikos, Greece
Pavlos Kamilos, Greece
Alison Kane, Australia
Marlene Kane, USA
Silke Kannengiesser, Germany
Andy Kapoor, Canada
Nour El-Houda Karfoul, Syria
Ivar Karlsen, Norway
Leonard Kary, Australia

Gary Kato, USA
Maria Katsika, Greece
Greg Katzman, USA
Malia Kaufusi, Tonga
Carrie Kelly, USA
Julia Kelly, USA
Julia Kern, Switzerland
Renee Khan, USA
Sharoon I. Khan, UK
Andrew Kibler, USA
Nancy Kim, Canada
Mark Kinnin, Canada
Mansoor & Samar Kirmani, Canada

Roly Kitching, Australia
Troy Klee, USA
Jonathan Klein, USA
Terry Klimchak, Canada
Stratos Klimou, Greece
Bud Kling, USA
Anwar Knight, Canada
Simone Knott, Canada
Andreas Knudsen, Norway
Takeshi Kobayashi, Japan
Takehito Kobayashi, Japan

Norman Koestline, USA
Sylvia Kohn, Australia
Gary Koga, USA
Dave Komansky, USA
Loukia Kopania, Greece
Sandra Kosztka , Austria
Karen Kozak, USA
Brian Krieger, Canada
Giovanni Ktistakis, Greece
Sharon Labi, Australia
Marina Labropoulou, Greece
Jim LaChapelle, Canada
Chiara Lam, Canada
Mike Lambert, USA
Chuck Lamoureux, Canada
Brian Lane, Canada
Donna Lalumiere, Canada
Verinnia Lansom, Australia
Jack Lawson, Australia
Kim Laycox, Canada
Robert Lax, USA
Stephanie Lazarevski, Canada

Chris Lazaruk, Canada
Julie & Jordan Ledesma, USA
Bill Lee, USA
Jeff Lee, Canada
Melissa Lee, Canada
Natalie Lee, Trinidad & Tobago
Yong Shik Lee, South Korea
John Leeds, Canada
Timo Leermann, Germany
Barry Leffler, USA
Serena Leggo, Canada
Jerry Leibowitz, Canada
Tony & Bertie Leonardi, USA
Tracy Leschyshyn, Canada
Kelley Lesperance, USA
Candace Lester, Canada
Carol Anne Letheren, Canada
Christina Leu, Switzerland
Ben Leung, Canada
Ralph Levenstein, Canada
Paul Lewicki, Canada
Keith Lewis, USA
Roselyn Lewis, Australia
Syd Lewis, Canada
Alice Li, China
Lisa Li, Canada
Jim Liddiard, USA
Andrew Liell, New Zealand
Theresa Liero, USA
Jack Light, USA
Marcia Lincoln, USA
Birthe Lindgren, Sweden
Dr. Ron Lindzon, Canada
Astrid Linimeir, Austria
Nate Lines, USA
Birthe Lindgren, Sweden
Martina Linzbauer, Austria
Kris Littlefield, USA
Adam Litzinger, Canada
Marinda Liu, Canada
Renato Liwanag, Australia
Arlie Llenares, USA
Angelic Lockhart, USA
Gunnar Lofgrer, Sweden
Marlis Loidl, Austria
Olivia Lou, China
Risa Lower, USA
Linda Lucetti, USA
Josh Luetkemeyer, Canada
Dean Luplow, USA
Marco Maccarini, Italy
Rory Mack, Australia
Courtney Mackay, Canada
Charlotte MacNaughton, Canada
Cam Macpherson, Canada
Dave Madsen, USA
Gino Maeder, Switzerland
Marwan Kamel Maghur, Libya
Rohit Mahanjan, USA
Vesna Malesevic, Italy
Sara Mallett, USA
Jim Mallory, USA
Larry Maloney, USA
Moonbeam Malonson, USA
Anja Malton, Denmark
Jim Manatt, USA
Anthony Mannone, Canada
Naomi Mano, Japan
George Manoogian, Canada
Lorraine Mar, Fiji
Roberto Marangoni, Italy
Sid & Joan Marantz, USA
Cheryl Marek, Canada
Lori Marks, Sarah, Ryan,
Isabel, Grace & Morgan, Canada
Dave Martin. Canada
Luann Marx, USA
Geri McCuish, Canada
Rick McDermott, USA
Julie McDonald, Australia
Stroud McDonald, Canada
Mike McDougall. USA
Roslyn McDowell, Canada
Mike McFarland, Canada
Paul McGill, UK
Krystal McHugh, Canada
Donna McKean, USA
Dom McKenna, Canada
Bob McKeon, USA
Betty McKeown, Canada
Tom McKeown, Canada
Tanya McKinnon, Canada
Jean McLean, Canada
Kathy McLean, USA
Tim McNamara, USA
Mark McQuade, Canada
Jon McQuaid, Canada
Alexa McWatt, Canada
John Medina, USA
Robert Melendez, USA
Grant & Sharon Mellor, Australia
Wanita Meske, USA
Grace Metni, Canada
Henry Metzler, Canada
Susan Meyer, USA
Kirsten Mihailides, Canada
Phil & Julia Millard, USA
Dick Miller, USA
Michael M. Miller, USA
Alison Mills, USA
Donna Mills, Canada
Lisa Miura-Thompson, USA
Susan Moccia, USA
Monica Modolo, USA
Mark Mogen, Canada
Alexandra Mohamed, Canada
Marie-Jo Monteagudo, Andorra
Mona Moondi, Canada
Collin Moore, Canada
Dene Moore, Canada

Ricardo Fernando Sousa Moreira, Brazil

Alfredo Goyeneche Moreno, Spain
Jack Morgan, USA
Kathy Morgan, Australia
Dick Moroff, Australia
John Moutsopoulos, Grece
Marie Mrazkova, Czech Republic
Anjali Mukherjee, Australia
Fawn Mulcahy, Canada
Ben Muldoon, Australia
Frank Mul
é, Canada
Julie Mulhall, USA
Katrin Muller, Germany
Kingsley Mundey, Australia
Scott Munn, Australia
Scott Munnoch, Canada
Lisa Murano, Canada
Brian Murphy, Greece
Brigitte Murphy, Ireland
Katherine Murphy, USA

Jim Murray, Canada
Trish Murrie, Canada
John Nabor, USA
Andrew Nadauld, USA
Akiyoshi Nakamaki, Japan
Holly Napoli, USA
Eric Nash, USA
Kelly Jane, Phil & Charlie Nelsao, USA
Denise Nelson, Canada
Doreen Nery, USA
Nuria Neubauer, Austria
Dan Newman, Canada
Peter Newman, Australia
Cameron, Justin & Duncan Ng, Canada
Than-Chi Ngo, Australia
Ana Paula Niemeyer, Brazil
Daphne North, Canada
Jo Nunez, USA
Sandra Obergsell, Switzerland
Amy O'Dell, USA
Pamela O'Donnell, Greece
Sue Ogg, USA

Katie O'Grady, Canada
Molly O'Grady, Canada
Hirohisa Ohta, USA
Kelly O'Leary, Canada
Ulf Rune Olsen, Norway
Helena Olsson, Sweden
Robyn Oltvanyi, Australia
Bill Onwusah, UK
Jim Orban, Canada
Maria Orsini, USA
Navani Otero, USA
Paul Otto, Canada
Jim Owens, USA
Greg Pace, USA
Jay Paleja, Canada
Celine Palma, Italy
Dr. Larry Pancer, Canada
Louise Paquet, Canada
Barry Parkinson, Canada
Val Parry, Australia
Daniel Passos, Brazil
Rakhee Patel, USA
Stuart Paterson, Canada
David Patterson, Canada
Felina Patterson, Canada
Pascale Patry, Canada
Billy Payne, USA
Porter Payne, USA
Dan Pederson, Canada
Angie Perrazino, Canada
Craig Perlow, USA
Sandy Peterson, Canada

Angelo Petix, USA
Nicholas Pham, Canada
Loring, Lynda & Spencer Phinney, Canada
Crystal Phipps, USA
Wenda Pickles, Canada
Trevor Pilling, Canada
Claudine Pilon, Canada
Nicolae Platon, Romania
Debbie Platt, USA
Martina Pokludova, Czech Repubic
Elana Polan, Canada
Evelina Polenta, San Marino
Dario Poletto, Australia
Max Poulton, USA
Simon Powell, Australia
Debi Pratt, Canada

Mark Press, USA
Shayna Jaymie Price, Canada
Ian Proudfoot, Canada
Louise Prudhomme, Canada
Michael Pugh, USA
Mike Quinn, Canada
Jamaladdin Rahmanov
, Azerbaijan
Satendra Ram, Canada

Sara Ramage, UK
Andressa Vallilo Ramalho, Brazil
Patricia Rambaksh, UK
Jack Ramsay, Australia
Steve Raper, Canada
Shawn Redmond, Canada
Scott Reed, USA
George Reid, USA
John Reid, Canada
Marge Remillard, Canada
Rommel Reyes, Canada
Hubert & Mill
y Reynolds, Canada
Stephen Reynolds, Australia
Gery Reznik, Israel
Paul Richards, Canada
Pam Richardson, Australia
Laurie Richer, Canada
Gareth Richmond, Australia
Beatrice Riesenfelder
, Switzerland
Brenda Rigas, Canada
Donna Riley Roberts
Jason Ritchie, Canada
Mark Rizzo, USA
Avril Mahon-Roberts, Switzerland
Stephen Robie, USA
Bob Robinson, Australia
George Robinson, Australia
Trisha Roche
Jacqueline Rock, Canada
Amelia Rodgers, UK
Sean Rodrigues, Canada

Mario Rodriguez, USA
George Roins, Australia
Thelma Rojas, UK
Gunnar Rolland, Norway
Giovanni Rolle, Italy
Sue Romyn, Canada
Wayne Ronald, Canada
Gayle Roodman
, Canada
Laurie Rose, Canada

Mike Rose, USA
Ellen Roseman, Canada
Karen Rosen, USA
Joan Rossi, Canada
Ken Rudy, USA
Bob Ruffell, Canada
Jaquie Ryan, Canada
Patrick Ryan, USA
Jenny Ryu Canada
Jill Saarela, USA
Alen Sadeh, Canada
Lila Saindon, USA
Scott Saladino, USA
Norman & Joan Salik, USA
Juan-Antonio Samaranch, Spain
Tim Sample, Canada
Ernie Sanchez Jr., USA
Jabin Sanchez, USA
Barry & Jody Sanders, USA
Margaret Sanderson, UK
Bob Savage, Australia
Heather Savage, Canada
Robert Sawyer, USA
Jeremy Sayers, Australia
Candis Scammell, Canada
Betsy Scattergood, USA
Marlene Schaefer, Canada
Kathryn Scheets, USA
Wyn Schmidt, Canada
Allison Schorr, USA

Ferenc Schustek, UK

Linda Screnci, Australia
Cynthia Sears, USA
Victoria Sedgwick
, Canada
Joe & Celine Sequeira, Canada
Alex Serebriakov, Canada
Sabine Settele, Switzerland

Valerie Setz, Canada
Andrea Shaw, Canada
Shelby Shaw, Canada
Elisapee Sheutiapik, Canada
Nigel Shipley, Australia
Helen & Louis Shoukas, Canada
Paul Shugart, Canada
Elaine Sideco, Canada

Lauren Sims, Australia
Rob Sims, Canada
Megan Sinclair, Canada
Lakviar Singh, UK
Lucie Slezakova, Czech Republic
Beverly Small, USA
Craig Smeaton, Canada
Awie Smit, USA
Chickey Smith, Canada

Christine Smith, Australia
Kate Smith, USA
Kerrie Smith, Australia 

Lindy Smith, Australia
Fred Snapp, USA
Bob, Patti & Andrew Soltys, USA
Holst Solveig, Norway
Carmen Sorrano, Canada

Jostein Sovik, Norway
Judith Sperling, USA
Diana Squires, Canada
Jaclyn Squires, Canada

Mark St. Quintin, Canada
Christa Stahnke, Australia
Krassi Stamenov, Canada
Richard Stamper, Canada
Marina Cecilie Staubo, Norway
Stacey, Oliver and Aileen Stavros, Australia
Melissa Steadman, Canada
Lisa Steger, USA
Fred Steinberg, USA
Aida Stella, Canada
Mary Ann Stenson, USA
Maggy Sterner, USA
Ralph Stevens, Canada
Ros Stevens, Australia
Brandin Stewart, USA

Mark Stewart, USA
Bob Stockel, USA
Annette Stoeckl, Switzerland
Ellen Stockman, Canada
Leah Stoddard, USA
Tim & Laila Stone, Australia
Eugene Stovall, USA
Patricia Straker, Canada
Tim Strelich, USA
Susan Stribling, USA
David Strickland, Canada

Keith Stuart, Canada
Cornel Suciu, Canada
Patrick Sullivan, Canada
Merja Sumiloff, Ireland
Adam Suplina, Australia
Ola Svinsås, Norway
Sonya Tacconi, Canada
Terry Taggart, Canada
Paula Talaba, Canada
George Tapley, Canada
Michael Tarlton, USA
Susan Taylor, Canada
Tessy Tellis, Australia
Miriam Tenhouse, Canada
Joe Teodosio, USA
Yoshiyuki Terajima, Japan
Lynn Tetarenko, Canada
John Thomas, Canada
Louis Thomas, USA
Lisa Miura-Thompson
John Thompson, Canada
Sarah Thornton, USA
Dennis Threndyle, Canada
Mike Tierney, Canada
Thien Tieu, Canada
Doug Todd, USA
Marty Toly, USA
Daniel Tomkins, Australia
Zoe Top, Canada
Fred Toulch, Canada
Michel Tremblay, Canada
Spiros Trikis, Greece
Angela Trunfio, Canada
Charlotte Truter, Canada
Bill & Bess Tsourounis, Canada
Dennis Tucker, Canada
Dan Tully, USA
Glennes Turner, Australia
Betty Turvey, Australia
Ennio Valsorda, Australia
Manuela Valvoda, Austria
Jim Vance, USA
Denis Vandal, Canada
Pepe Vargas, Canada
Nick Varley, UK
Leslie & Jean Vaz, Canada
Vendela, USA
Greta Vidale
, Italy
Eve Mary Verde, USA
Enzo, Rita & Alessandro Volpe, Italy
Oleg Vorontsov, Spain
Frank Waaga
, Switzerland
Lindy Wain, Australia
Bob Waite, Canada
Martina Waldkirch, Canada

Ron Wallace, France

Steve & Kathy Wallace, Canada
Helen Wan, China
Amber Ware, Australia
Wayne Waters, Canada
Noel Watkins, USA
Shelley Watson, USA
Tim Watt, Australia
Judi Webb, USA
Marie Weber, Australia
Tina Wechselberger, Austria
Patti Weems, USA
Sandra Weine, Australia
Gary & Gloria Weintraub, Canada
Jo-Ann Wellman, Canada
Anna Wells, Canada
Kathleen Wells, Canada
Pierre Wessel, Germany
Tom West, Canada
Lesley Whelan, Canada
Leslie White, Canada
Oliver Wien, Germany
Josephine Wilke, USA
Larry Williams, Canada
Naomi Williams, UK
Nicola Williams, Australia
Steve Williams, Canada
Arnita Wills, USA
Catherine Wilson, Canada
Jason & Derek Wilson, Barbados
Diane Wilson, Canada
Harold Wilson, Canada
Karen Wilson, Canada
Linda Wilson, USA
Stephen Winkler, USA
Becky Winter, Canada
Sue Wolfe, USA
Tony Wong, Canada
Brendan Wood, Australia
Larena Woodmore, Australia
Phil Wooll, USA
Mike Woolnough, Great Britain
Doug Wright, Canada
Joyce Wu, Canada
Sarah Wynhoven, Australia
Anthony Wynn, UK
Andrzej Wypysinski, Poland
Jassica Xia, China
Nicole Xiong, China
Christina Xue, China
Wang Xuesong, China
Mike Yazdani, Australia

Susan, Bob & Jordan Yap, Australia
Lisa & Chris, Tai & Taylor Young, Canada
Diane Yu, Canada

Yang Yuanqing
, China
Wayne Yutman, Canada

Hugo Zabalza, USA
Peter Zaferakis, USA
Joel Zahn, Switzerland
Carlo Zappa, Canada
Frank & Angie Zavarella, Canada
Ilan Zechovoy, Australia
Boyi Zhang, China
Ian Ziering, USA
June Ziola, Canada
Donald Ziraldo, Canada
Curt Zupi, USA
Jan Zurvalec, USA

And, to all the nice people I have met during the Olympics, thank you for taking the time to talk and/or trade with me. You all know 
who you are and if your name does not appear above, please get in touch and I will gladly include you as one of Al's Pals.

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