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Hi! You have just arrived at one of the world’s finest Olympic pin trading websites! This fascinating hobby got my attention during the
Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics and I have been collecting and trading Olympic pins passionately ever since!

I was at the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics and at every Winter and Summer Olympics from Albertville 1992 – London 2012 mainly
to trade pins. During my Olympic visits and on the web, I have met many, many nice people from around the world and have made countless
pin trades. In addition, at every Olympics, I have traded hundreds of Olympic pins with kids - for smiles!

Check out Als Pals on my site and if we have traded and your name doesn’t appear, get in touch and I will gladly add your name to the list.

Tell me what you have for trade and which of my pins interest you and…lets trade! Please e-mail me:


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This is a heritage site created by my daughter, Faye Cameron, for a school project on November 01, 1999

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